Recycling Bleach Bottles. Sooper Dooper Scooper. Recycle a plastic bottle today.

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Recycling Heavy Duty Gallon Bleach Bottles

Sooper Dooper Scooper

Recycling plastic bleach bottles into heavy duty scoopers is quick and easy. Carefully cut the side of the container out on the same side as the handle, forming a scoop shaped bottle. See the drawing below.

It's great for the kids sandbox or a trip to the beach.

Cleaning the dog messes in your yard is easy with the now converted Pooper Scooper.

In my business I've used it to scoop the insulating packing popcorn/peanuts into boxes we're packing to ship.

If you have large feed requirements, its great for scooping animal feed.

While you're at it cut of the top opposite the handle and make a sand pail with a handle. Great for collecting sea shells. Also handy in the shop or garden. Put one in the kitchen and stuff all those plastic bags from the grocery store into it.

Cut off the top enirely and you have a bucket. The bucket is great for making fort walls and castles out of wet sand.

Cut away the RED sections to create your Scoop, Bucket or Pail

Whatever uses you find for used bleach bottles, you are contributing to recycling by finding addes use for everyday trash. Think Recycle.

Scooper Jug

Bucket Jug

Pail Jug

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