Clean clothes using my stain removal secret.  Hard stains easily removed.  Dirty clothes, grass stains, ink stains and even ring around the collar.

Clothing Stain Removal
Removing stains that resist removal

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Difficult Clothing Stains Easily Removed

My kids used to come home with green grass stains on the knees of their pants.  At other times I'd find ink marks down the front of one of their shirts.  

How about the day my husband left a ball point pen in a pocket. It went throught the wash and then  went into the dryer.  Talk about a mess on a lot of things.  He was also good about getting grease and oil on his "good" clothes. 

What to do?  Do you remeber seeing TV shows where the "DIRTY" cowboys had their filthy clothes boiled in a big pot hung over a fire in the courtyard?  Well, you have the idea of how we are going to proceed. This is a handy hint for getting out stuburn stains from your families clothes.

Hot water and Biz to the rescue.  You know that box of powdered laundry aid.  I don't put it in the washer.  I put  a HUGE pot of water (even a metal bucket would probabley work) on the stove and begin heating the water.  Add 3/4 to 1 cup of Biz laundry addative to the water.   Stir the heating mixture to disolve the Biz.

Bring this "brew" to a boil and add your stained clothes.  Simmer for 45 minutes to an hour.  Next, turn off the heat.  Let the pot of clothes sit until cool and then wash as usual.

CAUTION!! You are dealing with hot boiling water. USE CARE especially if you have children in the house.  Do not remove HOT clothes from the pot.  Just be patient and let the pot cool down.  A SEVERE BURN is not worth some clean clothes.

This will work on a lot of your everyday stains....I have used it on grass, ink, grease and more.

My Boys  were trained to do the Biz Boil.  They are now their 30’s and use it to this day.

WOW!  We got an email on our technique!!

I just had to write. My wife left an ink pen in her pants pocket and it exploded in the dryer--lots of colors, two white dress shirts, and sensitive clothing where the manufacturer recommends ONLY cold water hand washing. I tried almost everything: hair spray, rubbing alcohol, detergent stain remover, and with limited success, nail polish remover for several hours--only limited success on a couple of garments with the nail polish.
On your website, I came across the "biz boil" idea but thought that was crazy. Since nothing else worked, I tried the "boil" idea before throwing the clothes away. I was skittish so I put the whites, darks and colors in separately and only for about 10 minutes instead of 45. AMAZING!! No matter what the material and how bad the stain--the ink just DISAPPEARED !!
Since it had better effect than the acetone-based nail polish I can only assume that some sort of chemical reaction between the Biz and boiling water occurs to break the chemical ink bonds. The only caution I would add is that a little amount of ink leached from a pair of nylon shorts but putting a new solution together with my white towel eliminated the overall red stain as well. And I would keep whites, colors and darks in separate solutions. However, you should also know that my white dress shirt with long stained "ring around the collar" was completely removed along with the ink!
This idea delivered ... THANK YOU!!

HEY!! Here's another letter we received for a "happy stain remover"

Problem: yesterday I was painting my dogs nails red (really) and she moved her paw and I got red nail polish stains on a favorite new shirt of mine
Solution: I followed the procedures for the ''biz boil'' on your website and the stains came completely out within 10 minutes!!! it was absolutely amazing, I couldn't believe it.
Gratitude: to you and yours for the most helpful solution! I am so happy; nothing else worked, and I tried several different remedies that didn't even make any difference. This is going to become a family favorite!

Thank you so much!

AND another one

WOW! I had a pen explode in the dryer and ruin 5 pairs of pants, two
athletic shorts and a sweater. I got on GOOGLE and typed in "ink stains
in dryer" and up popped your page on Difficult Clothing Stains. I tried
the Biz Boil, not EVER thinking it would work and IT DID! I didn't even
have to keep the clothes in for 10 minutes and the stains were gone!
(The house smells good too, kind of humid and clean and comforting).
Thanks a million times over for your helpful saved me about
$200.00 in new clothes.

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